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Die deutsche Gothic Community
.......so i thought i'd clear up my wardrobe a bit.......… 
28.-Jul-2010 05:08 pm
vampire, photo de chloe, cheveux rouge
.......so i thought i'd clear up my wardrobe a bit.......




- celtic tee size XL: 6$

-embroidered waistcoat  size L, 8$

-see through whool top size 14-16: 8$

-black lace top size M: 6$

-black glitter 20's hat:  5$

-full leather unworn pin up sandales size 8,5: 100$   (worth 170)

-top with pleated veil sleeves, size XL: 6$

-night gown, size XL: 5$

-stretch black jacket size L: 30$

-mini leopard bag: 12$

-mini pink and black purse: 10$

(ask for shipping rates, paiement with paypal)

i am in Germany
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