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Die deutsche Gothic Community
Neueste Einträge 
Dear ladies & gentlmen

Please can we present to you some wonderful pictures story from a photoes from magnificent R.I.P. Magazine Birthday Party May, 15th in Petersburg club Pamela.

Next step - fan video from para bellvm's gig at Glavclub - SaintPetersburg, Russia 21.03.2010

And here what request... Please vote for para bellvm and VELENA at competition EuroVoice 2010. Voting simple and easy. Interested persons and at all I can vote time an every day absolutely easily and free of charge.

Thank you so much for your attention!
19.-Mai-2010 08:09 pm - WGT Programm
Spring Snowdrop
Ein .pdf oder .xls Programm könnt Ihr hier finden:


(Wesentlich übersichtlicher als das "offizielle" Programm!)
12.-Apr-2010 10:08 pm(kein Betreff)

Photobucket Photobucket

New photo books by me are now out for Flinch (an earlier band of Grog from Die So Fluid), Melanie Garside (she of Maple Bee, Tabitha Zu, Zu, Mediaeval Baebes, Queen Adreena, Huski etc), the theatrical Riot Grrl/Goth hybrid of Toxic Shock Syndrome, and new formats for PJ Harvey and Adam & The Ants, whereby I can now make the A4 and US Letter size available. Detail and covers behind the cut.

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Getting to Drop Dead Festival: Buss from Berlin

Getting to the DDF: there is a buss apparently being organized from Berlin to Vilnius. if more people want this to happen this will be more likely so please contact if you might be interested, if enough people will join the buss there will be a much better chance this will happen :

here is a full info:

”we are considering to organize a Bus from Berlin to Vilnius... We'll start checking prices and networking to get enough people from here! Anyone that reads this and is interested, can contact us through: www.myspace.com/jorge_venus or jorge_venus@hotmail.de”

15.-Mär-2010 12:33 am(kein Betreff)

Obviously I only post about Goth-related books here when they become available. From today there are six new works, all Goth or Dark Indie. Full details, and covers, behind the cut, covering Siouxsie & The Banshees, Death By Crimpers (an all-woman four piece UK Goth band), The Jazz Butcher during the time when David J was in his band, Lush, PJ Harvey and Psychic TV.

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15.-Mär-2010 12:00 am - zum verkäufen
vampire, photo de chloe, cheveux rouge
(copy and paste)

the size is 16/ 18/ 20 US,   breast size up to 115 cm, length from shoulder to floor: 150cm
unique piece, handmade by me in crushed velvet and stretch lace
5.-Mär-2010 10:30 am(kein Betreff)

My website has just been updated with my all my latest books, and will be each month, but last night two more self-published photo books became available, on THE DAMNED and ALL ABOUT EVE, so I will mention those first as there are no direct links yet on my website for them. You can only buy these online, as I am not doing distribution deals.

THE DAMNED is 84 pages long with 88 photos and £9.99, from a gig at Hammersmith Palais in 1983, a Captain Sensible interview during 1984, but also including a few very early 1977 shots from the Roundhouse.

ALL ABOUT EVE is £12,99. 192 pages long, this contains 247 photos, covering many things. Pictures of Chris (the first singer they intended using), then Andy in his Pink & Black days, All About Eve in 1987 at the Marquee, in 1989 at Chipping Norton Studios, Tim in XC-NN at the Marquee in 1992, and Julianne posed during an interview session in 1994. A lovely collection.

Other new photo books include: ADAM & THE ANTS, ALIEN SEX FIEND 1983, AUSGANG, CHRISTIAN DEATH (including Rozz), THE DANCING DID, FLESH FOR LULU, GITANE DEMONE, MARC ALMOND / DAVE BALL, SEX GANG CHILDREN, SPECIMEN 1983, SPECIMEN 1984, SPECIMEN 1985, and TEST DEPT, with some Punk and Indie books recently too.

All of these books are shown, with full details of content at http://www.mickmercer.com along with direct link buy buttons, and the limited edition GOTH SOLIDARITY book also has a direct link now on my homepage. I hope you find something you like.

Remember the basics – you need to register with Lulu.com first, which is easy. Their books are well wrapped but it means postage for one book can be expensive. Two or more books and the postage works out as well as you will find anywhere. If you live in the US or UK, where they have printers, stick with the domestic flat-rate postage, and if you live outside the US or UK go for economy airmail.


Next Drop Dead Festival will be in Beautiful Vilnius Lithuania August 18-23 2010!

Get your tickets now at: http://www.dropdeadfestival.com/ticket.html

August 16 - August 22 - DIY arts week (we are organizing) with shows .
art and performing art showcases, workshops ( 8 mm, screen printing, more ) and more . Will also include a movie festival. All this should be

Confirmed bands include:


Stereo total (Germany/France)

13th moon (Japan)

Agent Side Grinder (Sweden)

Grotesque Sexuality (Russia)

Scofferlane (Russia)

Vilkduja (Lithuania)

Joy Disaster (France)

Birth! (USA)


Noisy Pig (Germany)

Kania Tieffer (Belgium)

Gertrud Stein (Switzerland)

Noblesse Oblige (France/Germany)

The Last Days of Jesus (Slovakia)

Inca Babies (UK)

Mad DogCole (ex Krewmen!) (UK)

Confirmed for the Drop

Cristal Palace (France)

Genetiks (Germany)

Castrati (France)

The Crazed (Greece)

Many More more to come

Show your support and post our banners :

12.-Feb-2010 03:10 pm(kein Betreff)
A scene is obviously worth nothing if it cannot identify itself by identifying with others within it. Support is sometimes necessary, and possible. Phoenix Marie, herself a Goth, was a regular poster on my journal until she became ill, and when she began her fundraising effort I did an interview in my magazine to spread the word about her fundraising appeal, but felt a limited edition Goth book might be more helpful. She is responding to treatment, which is why it is vital she completes the course, which she must pay for herself - the alternative being the onset of advanced old age and crippling pain. The 104 page book costs £9.99 and contains 100 of my favourite photos from my archive, and full details are behind the cut.

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11.-Feb-2010 02:51 pm - DDF:Siamese print
Limited edition print “Siamese” by the wonderful artist Natalie Shau available for a short time only.

This is a fundraiser for the Drop Dead Festival Lithuania with 100% of the money going to bring you the best program possible.

Details:  Siamese for sale! limited edition of 30! only 60 EU contact the artist directly: blu3black@gmail.com


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